What Cotton do you use?

We are committed to sourcing the best fabrics. To hand embroider means taking time and effort; the fabric used as a base must match the quality of this work and the effort being made.

So, we decided to weave our own Cotton. It is woven from 100% Organic yarns.

We offer Organic Cotton Percale and Organic Cotton Sateen.

The Percale construction is a one thread over one thread weave. It is dense and crisp. The Sateen construction is one thread over four. It is a slightly more open weave than the Percale and has a soft sheen due to the light that passes through the fabric.

What makes the Cotton Organic?

Organic Cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Cotton is the most heavily sprayed agricultural crop. To illustrate this: conventional cotton uses approximately 3 lbs of pesticides to produce one king size flat sheet.

Our commitment from the beginning has been to support Organic Cotton farming by using only 100% certified Organic Cotton yarns.

What is the difference between Thread Count and Yarn Count, and does it determine quality?

Thread Count is the amount of yarns woven in 1 square inch of fabric. Yarn Count is the length of the fibre. The longer the fibre, the higher its quality.

In our view, Yarn Count is the most important ingredient to ensure the quality of the fabric. We use extra long staple organic cotton yarns. And rather than twisting yarns to achieve or chase high thread counts, we use single high yarn count fibres.

Our Percale is 250 Thread Count

Our Sateen is 325 Thread Count.

Is your Linen Organic?

At the moment our Linen is not Organic. We are always looking for new fabrics, but the environmental issue is not as critical as with cotton farming. Flax, the plant that produces linen, does not require intense amounts of pesticides to grow.

How do I care for my bed and table linen?

Your bed and table linen comes pre-washed, pre-shrunk and ready to use. We include care instructions in your package.

However, here are a few extra tips to answer questions you may have:

Do not Dry Clean 100% Linen; it will shrink and linen loves water, so best to Machine Wash.

Do not wash bed or table linen at very high temperatures. We recommend machine washing at 40ºC wash; your fabrics will last longer.

The worst nightmare is a glass of red wine spilled on a tablecloth. Our linen is natural without synthetic treatments so it washes and responds to cleaning very well.

Pour sparkling water on the stain as soon as possible. This will help break up the stain. Machine Wash as soon as you can.

Can I custom design my bed or table linen?

The answer is yes. Whether it is a made-to-measure tablecloth, a custom colour for a bed linen design, or a flower you have always loved and wanted to capture… We can work with you to help make something uniquely yours.

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